Batch Files – Create New Folder Using Current Date and Time in Folder Name

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This would be great for backup jobs or copying files where you want to keep track of when it was done.

In my simple batch file, I’m copying contents from a mapped network drive to my local machine.

Originally, I was using the following command:

xcopy S: C:\Users\james\Documents\Backup_WIN_Server\SysAdmin /c /v /f /i /s /e /h /y

If using this for a simple form of backup, the data will be overwritten each time I run the batch file.

In order to create a new directory each time with a time/date stamp, all I need to do isĀ use a substring and the built-in %DATE% and %TIME% variables. In this example, I’m just adding the substring before my xcopy command.

@echo OFF
:: Use date /t and time /t from the command line to get the format of your date and
:: time; change the substring below as needed.
:: This will create a timestamp like yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss.
set TIMESTAMP=%DATE:~10,4%-%DATE:~4,2%-%DATE:~7,2%-%TIME:~0,2%-%TIME:~3,2%-%TIME:~6,2%


Finally, I just need to add that timestamp to my destination folder as such:

xcopy S: C:\Users\james\Documents\Backup_WIN_Server\"%1\%TIMESTAMP%-SysAdmin" /c /v /f /i /s /e /h /y
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