What is a domain name?

A domain name represents a physical point on the Internet — an IP address. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) governs coordination of the links between IP addresses and domain names across the Internet. With this standardized coordination, you can find websites on the Internet by entering domain names instead of IP addresses into your Web browser.

In layman’s terms, you can type (IP address of the host) into your browser to search the Internet or you can type in Google.com. Google.com is a domain name that points to the physical location or point on the Internet. In this case,


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Free Web Site Templates

Depending on how you’ve created your website or how you plan on creating your website, here are some FREE template sites to help you move along. Create a folder on your computer to save these to and start downloading. You may like some, you may not others. Some are going to be real easy to work with, some may take some time, others trial and error. None-the-less, there are FREE templates available to work with.

Adobe Dreamweaver Templates

Adobe.com Customizable starter designs for beginners
Templates provide new Dreamweaver users with an intuitive way to learn how to create Web pages and sites, whereas more experienced Dreamweaver users can use them as a jumping point for new projects or comps. You can apply templates when you create a document or apply them to an existing document. All the graphics for the templates were created using Adobe CS4.

Several free templates that are very simple. These templates can yield professional results in the right hands. Great for beginner web designers and university or college students.

These templates include the HTML, CSS and Macromedia Fireworks PNG source files required to edit them. Fantastic quality and appearance.

Each website template is functional and compatible with the different browser types, fits all widely used screen resolutions, and most importantly: looks good.