Learn Python For Free

I’m constantly working on honing my existing skill but I’m just as active in learning new ones. I try to follow industry trends by staying active in a handful of forums and get a ton of email subscriptions. So many it’s hard to even keep up most of the time.

One very important skill set to learn or stay current with as a System Administrator, System Engineer, Cloud Engineer, etc is knowing how to script. I’ll be the first to admit that scripting is not currently one of my strengths. I’ve worked with Bash Shell scripting and PowerShell a little. I’m making the plunge to learn Python. It’s a programming language and a very powerful scripting tool. I’ve heard beginners find the clean syntax and indentation structure easy to learn.

I will update this post with new information as it comes available. Maybe some of my readers will be willing to add some resources they’ve used to learn Python. In any case, here’s a good starting point:

Get your resources here:

Learn Python basics here:
Learn Python at CodeAcademy.com

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