Shutdown or Restart a workstation on your network Remotely

There are a number of ways that you can restart or shutdown remote

I’m going to show you a real quick trick using the command prompt.


you to have an administrator account on the computer you want to shut
shutdown -m \\computername -s

Lets break it down:
1. The shutdown command gets the ball rolling
2. -m \\computername should be the name of the computer you want to shutdown.
3. -s tells the remote computer to Shutdown.
1. -r tells the remote computer to Restart
2. -l tells the remote computer to logoff
There are a number of other arguments you can use.

Method 2: Shortcuts
This method uses the same “shutdown” command as above. The only difference is that we put the command
into a shortcut so that we can launch it quickly.
Right click on your desktop
Select “New”
Select “Shortcut”
In the path put in:
shutdown -m \\computername -s
Call it whatever you want and change the icon if you would like.
Now you have a shortcut that when it is launched will shutdown the remote computer. How easy is that!

Method 3: Windows Tools
The “shutdown” command we have been looking at above has a
graphical front end with a few nice features in it. If you have multiple
computers you want to shut down, this may be a good option for you.
To get into it, open a command prompt and type “shutdown -i”
The graphical front-end will open up.
In here, you will see the same options available to you as the manual
methods above, but this time you can list or browse multiple
computers on your network and do bulk shutdowns or restarts.
It is fairly self explanatory, so I won’t go into it much more. It isn’t all
that powerful. Check out another utility below.
This method requires you to put in a reason as to why you are
restarting/shutting down. It’s a real pain.